Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX – Headset for Pros !

Hey guys today we have a unique product for you a gadget some may like and some may consider is overrated. But I can assure you its worth your money. Its Kingston HyperX Cloud Core KHX Professional Gaming Headsets. This piece of gadget is something that will suit your set up and compliment you in any environment. Lets see what it has to offer and don’t forget we also have the coupon for it.

The headset is more a piece of an artwork I would say. The headset has a red colored HyperX logo on both earpiece. Kingston has taken care of every aspect here, even the packing of the device gives you a feel of superiority and class. It has a detachable micro phone which is a multipurpose unit. It has soft cushion placed on the headband and the earpieces, which makes it suitable and comfy for long periods of usage.

The headphones come with 53 mm drivers which should give an immersive sound output. Its based on a pure HiFi architecture and designed in Sweden. It has an aluminium alloy housing providing a sturdy build quality. The headphones are aimed at professional gamers and audio enthusiasts like musicians and composers.

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