Gonbes G15 BT Bluetooth 3D Active Shutter Glasses

The market was previously saturated with 3D TVs, but as time progressed the interest in 3D TVs decreased. We saw a decline in shipments and now the position is that 3D feature is available only in high end Televisions. The mid range and even some flagship televisions have completely omitted it. Well whatever the I think 3D is a must have feature because its fun but can be implemented in a better way. While we are on the 3D TVs, to watch 3D content we need 3D goggles which kinda cost you a lot. But today we have a rather cheap 3D goggle the Gonbes G15 which will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The Gonbes G15 goggles are bluetooth 3D Active Shutter Glasses made for viewing 3D content on your 3D television. The glasses look like typical samsung 3D glasses and work pretty much the same. It design moreover is same with dark grey color, only thing missing is the Samsung brand. They have removable side stripes. The circuitry is again situated in the middle with a slot for the button cell.

It has Bluetooth V3.0 and a Response Time of just 2.0ms. The goggles work on the frequency of 120Hz which offers smooth visuals. The Contrast Ratio is 750 so you will get a pretty vivid picture and also Light Transmittance more than 37pct which should be bright enough. As mentioned it works on a removable Battery 3V lithium cell CR2025 type and gives you a Working Time of 100h.

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